Application methods

  • for seed, foliar and root treatment, soil fertilizing;
  • for watering furrows, tree holes, for soaking seedlings, stalks, roots, bulbs;
  • for spraying by all kinds of sprayers, sprinkling machines and in drip irrigation (the filter size bigger than 50 mc) with water of any hardness;
  • with any weed and pest killers, macro and micro fertilizers.

Application rates

BIO-GEL organic fertilizer has no restrictions on its application, it is compatible with any preparations and application technologies. The only thing to keep in mind is::

  • 1. Seed treatment: the rate is 2 l per ton of seeds (about 10 l water), it should be added after all protectants have been introduced;
  • 2. Spraying plants: BIO-GEL should be added to tank mixture, the rate being 1.5 l/ha, after all other components have been introduced and stirred. To save money we recommend reducing the dose of herbicide by 20-30%, fungicide – by 20-30%, and completely abandoning potassium and sodium humates.
  • 3. Fertigation (using fertilizers in drip irrigation): the rate is 2 l/ha 2-3 times during the vegetation period.

The quality of water, including its high mineralization, does not matter.

Note: BIO-GEL acts as a biological stimulant and an adjuvant (reactant intensifier), so a significant increase in recommended doses can lead to increased nitrogen removal from soils due to over-rapid growth of plants. In this case nitrogen fertilizers should be applied, for example, 0.5 kg carbamide per hectare.

Recommended rates depending on the crop and application method

Cereals, legumes, sunflower, millet, buckwheat, maize, rape, industrial crops, etc seed treatment spraying 1,0-2,0 l/t per 10 l water
Potatoes bulb treatment soaking for 2-4 hour 50-100 ml per 10 l water
Vegetables pre-sowing seed treatment
soaking for 4-8 hour
2,0 l/t per 10 l water
50 ml per 10 l water
Fruit trees, berry bushes, grapes saplings, stalks soaking for 12-24 hour 50-100 ml per 10 l water
Cereals, legumes, sunflower, millet, buckwheat, maize, rape, industrial crops, etc foliar application treatment in the phase of 3-4 leaves, early tillering, booting and milky-wax ripeness 1,0-2,0 l/ha
Vegetables foliar application treatment after transplanting, during flowering and fruit formation 1,5-2,5 l/ha
Fruit trees, berry bushes, grapes foliar application treatment before and after flowering 2,0-3,0 l/ha
Vegetables, maize fertigation during the whole vegetation period 200-300 ml per 1 km / drops


  • better germination, higher germinating capacity, uniformity of germination;
  • natural improvement of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous nutrition;
  • enhancing plant immunity to fungal and bacterial diseases;
  • natural adaptogen (antidepressant), protection against chemical stress, drought, late frosts, temperature difference;
  • 8-30% higher yields (organic fertilizer);
  • Improved soil structure, restored soil fertility.