About Bio-gel inventor


Sergey Osypenko, was born on February, 29, 1952 in a family of teachers in Kherson, Ukraine. In 1969 he graduated from the physical and mathematical class of Kherson high school. While studying at school in 1967-1969 he won many Ukrainian and All-Union Mathematical Olympiads.

In 1969 he entered and in 1976 graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, specializing in "Aerodynamics". His obtained specialty is a physicist, an engineer-inventor.


Despite the offer to stay in Moscow (with guaranteed housing) he went to Kiev (the only one of all graduates) and entered the graduate school at the Hydromechanics Institute, Academy of Science, Ukraine. Three years later he defended the thesis on hydrodynamics under the guidance of Academician G.V. Logvinovich, the inventor of the legendary “Squall” rocket-torpedo.

S. Osypenko is the founder of SPE “TEKMASH Institute” (tekmash.org). Together with his colleagues he has developed HTD-technology®, the hydrothermodynamic technology based on fluid turbulence due to the effects of hydromechanics. The company has produced more than 2000 equipment units which operate according to HTD-technology® in Ukraine, USA, Canada, Asia, South America, Europe.

S. Osypenko has more than 40 patents of Ukraine, Canada, USA, China, Europe.

His hobbies include yachting, rowing, fishing, tourism, gardening (his last hobby is garden design), writing books for children, series of books entitled “Invented situations”, “Physics of health”, “Life inside us, or ABC-book for academicians”.