Dry Organic Fertilizer/Prebiotic for Seed Treatment

The unique development by academician Osipenko S.B. - hydrothermodynamic technology (HTD-Technology® (patent UA 119601) — makes it possible to keep hardened natural soil microorganisms in a stable state, while powder formulation on a graphite-talc basis allows to create a new type of product: "Vitamins for Plants".

This organic fertilizer also includes a complex of organic compounds in the form of fulvic and humic acids, vitamins A, B, E, carotenoids, micro and macro elements. The fertilizer is intended for pre-sowing seed inoculation in order to increase the crop yield due to an increase in soil fertility and active plant nutrition.

Functional properties

  • Convenience and technological effectiveness in application: the product is evenly distributed in a bag or in a seeder directly in the field;

  • Ultra-low application rates: up to 50 g per sowing unit;

  • Excellent adhesion to the seed surface due to the magnetized graphite base;

  • Does not violate the integrity of the factory seed treatment;

  • Is not affected by ultraviolet radiation and temperatures;

  • Does not require special storage and transportation conditions;

  • Guaranteed increase in yield at minimal cost.

Functions of Vitamin O7

Application rates

Crop Application method Application rate
Sunflower Pre-sowing seed treatment
in the manufacturer's original packaging
or in the seeder.
Treated seeds can be stored
for a long time, their quality preserved
30 g/s.u.
Corn 50 g/s.u.
Rape (winter or spring) 50 g/s.u.
Soybean 50 g/s.u.
Beet (sugar, fodder, table) 15 g/s.u.
Vegetables and melons 0,5 – 1,0 kg/t

Application safety

The product contains a dispersion of peat, biohumus and fertile soils, bacterial cultures and mineral elements.

All components are safe for people and animals.

The product is non-toxic (IV safety class).

It should be stored at air humidity not higher than 85% and at a temperature of 10°C to +40°С