Fungicides. “Avoid treatment by staying healthy”

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March 26, 2018
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March 26, 2018
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Everyone knows that diseases “cling” to frail humans and animals. The same can be said about plants: chemicals, fungicides, stress are conducive to various diseases. Thus a pernicious chain starts: disease – treatment – disease. The situation is hard to fix, but we can take preventive steps.

As numerous experiments have shown, Bio-gel is characterized by strong preventive fungicidal properties. This is due, first, to the ability of “wild” bacteria to occupy ecological niche, thus inhibiting the development of pathogenic microorganisms, especially fungi. (to report "Дослідження фунгіцидних властивостей «Біо-гелів»"). Second, when foliage is treated with Bio-gel, it acts as a natural immunostimulant and an organic fertilizer, which strengthens plant resistance to plant pathogens. That is why one of the bio-gels is Bio-gel with fungicide properties which acts as a natural fungicide – immunostimulant.

Bio-gel is especially efficient as a preventive weed and pest killer. It is most effective when used to prevent disease. In case of minor disease manifestations (up to 25%), 1-2 l/ha can stop the disease development completely. If the disease spreads wider, Bio-gel should be combined with chemical fungicides, their rate being reduced by 30-50%!

Bio-gel is especially indispensible in organic farming.

The results of tests conducted by leading research institutes are the reliable confirmation of the above.

A well-known chemical fungicide effect does not stop soybean disease, the yield is partially lost.
Bio-gel with fungicide properties stops the disease on leaves protecting pods, the yield is preserved.