Treatment of thinned crops after wintering
April 2, 2018
Biologization of agrarian production as a true way to organic agriculture
April 3, 2018
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The research has been made at the Zabolotny Microbiology and Virology Institute, NAS, Ukraine, 2016

Field Results

Earn on saving expensive pesticides more than 30 farms. Namely:

  • Nibulon, LLC (-20% of load)
  • UTS-Agroproduct, LLC (-30% of load)
  • Kopani farm (-20% of load)
  • Enogray, LLC (-15% of load)
  • PJSC Kamenskaya (-20% of load)
  • Lan farm (-33% of load)
  • Priozerne farm (-20% of load)

The research was conducted in 2016-2018 on the farms in South Ukraine

Crops: winter cereals (wheat, barley), leguminous (soybeans).


  • It has been established that the use of BIO-GEL organic fertilizer, the amount being 2 l/ha, reduces the fungicidal and herbicidal load on plants and the environment by 15-30% on average;
  • Crop yields compared to the control plot do not decrease but increase by 5 – 15%;
  • The use of BIO-GEL organic fertilizer causes positive changes in crops vegetative development, namely, in intensifying growth, in forming strong root system including the secondary one;
  • Under arid climate conditions when growing cereals in non-irrigated fields BIO-GEL use helps to accumulate moisture in plants;