Treatment of thinned crops after wintering

Natural adaptogen for extreme weather conditions
March 30, 2018
Pesticide load reduction
April 2, 2018
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Natural adaptogen

The research was conducted in 2016-2017 by the Research Institute of Irrigated Farming, NAAS, Ukraine

Crop: winter barley


  • It has been established that the use of BIO-GEL organic fertilizer under extreme conditions (underflooding, icy crust, late frosts) on thinned, depressed and practically dead winter crops (180-200 plants per m2) made it possible to restore the plants and get the yield of winter barley cultivated on non-irrigated lands which is by 10% (4 ton/ha) greater than the control.
  • The use of BIO-GEL organic fertilizer made it possible to reduce the fungicidal and herbicidal load on plants and the environment by 10-15% on average.