PHOSPHATE-GEL organic-mineral fertilizer

for foliar application

Improved modern organic-mineral fertilizer (95% BIO-GEL + 5% NPK + S + Si) pro/prebiotic which contains a balanced complex of hardened and stabilized soil microorganisms, supplemented with a complex of macro- and microelements, as well as organic fulvic and humic acids.

The production technology allows using the HTD-Technology® (patent UA 119601) to gently strengthen and stabilize the natural complex of soil microflora and at the same time to supplement the composition with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and silicon. The presence of a small amount of mineral compounds in the form of macrofertilizers (NPK + S + Si) contributes to the activation of the soil microflora development without polluting the environment (Perhaps, an analogy with salting food is appropriate here. For example, the soup without 1% salt (NaCl) is "tasteless" for probiotic stomach bacteria , that's why it's not tasty for us either).

Phosphate gel is designed to stimulate the growth of the root system, it accelerates the transition from vegetative to generative development, improves pollination processes during the periods of flowering, formation and ripening of the crop. It is compatible with all pesticides in the tank mix.

The product makes it possible to significantly reduce the chemical load on phosphorus-depleted soil. It helps to restore soil fertility and increase plant productivity. It is suitable for all types of agricultural crops and compatible with all pesticides in tank mix.

Functional properties

  • It accelerates the growth and development of plants;

  • The combination of organic and mineral components in the fertilizer guarantees a high level of nutrients availability and quick distribution of substances in plant tissues;

  • It quickly regenerates plants affected by stress factors, including high/low temperatures or overdose of plant protection agents;

  • A complex of useful microflora helps plants retain moisture during a long drought;

  • This increases the effectiveness of plant protectants and the availability of soil fertilizers for plants, reducing the burden of pesticides on the environment.


Component Quantity
Microorganisms of natural origin (hardened and stabilized):
Nitrogen fixer – Azotobacter sp., Bubble bacteria – Rhizobium sp., Phosphate mobilizers – Bacillus subtilis, B. megaterium, Pseudomonas sp., Lactic acid bacteria – Lactobacillus sp., Complex of various microorganisms originating from places with low nutrient content (Oligotrophe)
Organic substances:
Amino acids (18 amino acids of non-animal origin)
Enzymes - glucosidases, gluconases, catalases, glycosyl hydrolases
Vitamins - B1, B2, B3, B9, A, E, carotenoids
No less than 80% of dry matter
Total nitrogen:
- organic;
35 g/l
-25 g/l
-15 g/l
Phosphorus P2O5, no less 15 g/l
Potassium K2O, no less 8 g/l
Water-soluble silicon Si, no less 1 g/l
Water-soluble fulvic acids, no less 50 g/l
Water-soluble humic acids, no less 30 g/l
Density, g/cm3 1,04-1,06
ph 7.5

Норми застосування

Crop Application phase Application rate
Winter wheat and barley Seed treatment and foliar spraying, especially on weakened crops with low and medium levels of mobile phosphorus in the soil in autumn at the end of the tillering phase (BBCH 11-21) and in spring (BBCH 25-29)
Обробка насіння 2,0 л/т
Обробка по листу 2,0 л/га
Spring wheat and barley Foliar spraying at the end of the tillering phase (ВВСН 29-32)
Sunflower Treatment of seeds and crops together with herbicide treatment (BBCH 0) and together with graminicidal treatment (BBCH 12)
Rape Treatment of seeds and crops in spring at the start of shooting phase (ВВСН 19-22)
Leguminous plants (pea, chick-pea, soybean) Treatment of seeds and crops at the start of tillering phase before budding on sandy soils or on movable phosphorus-depleted soils (ВВСН 11-13 (V1-V3))
Corn Crop treatment at the phase of 3-5 leaves (ВВСН 13-15)
Beet (sugar, fodder, table) Crop spraying starting from sprouts appearance to the moment of plants establishment in a row (ВВСН 03-08)

Application safety

The product contains a dispersion of peat, biohumus and fertile soils, bacterial cultures and mineral elements.

All components are safe for people and animals.

The product is non-toxic (IV safety class).