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August 3, 2017
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March 26, 2018
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A new product has appeared on the market, it is the so-called “structured water”. It looks quite transparent and in no way different from ordinary water having the famous formula of H2O.

The water contains no new compounds other than oxygen and hydrogen atoms. It is produced not by chemical but by physical methods which include freezing, cavitation, ultrasound, magnetic radiation, etc.

This water is also known as "live", "cluster", "activated" and so on. The terms may be different but the essence is the same: the water is really very active. It removes rust from iron, washes grime out of clothes (this effect is used in bubble washing machines), dissolves poorly soluble compounds, so on.

Irrigation with activated water intensifies germinating capacity, plant growth and increases the yield. The author believes there are no miracles in it. The fact that only 0.2-0.4% humus contained in the soil is assimilated by plants is well-known, that is, most of it does not dissolve, thus preserving soil fertility for many years. Otherwise, after a few rains humus would have been completely washed out of the topsoil. The above-mentioned activated water dissolves a great part of humic compounds, macro and micro elements, converting them into an available form. In this way, plants nutrition increases, while much of fertile layer irreversibly goes down to the lower soil layers.

Some thirty years ago the writer used activated water for watering a rose patch. Such water was made using magnetic fields and hydrodynamic cavitation. This personal plot was located in the village of Stara Zburievka, Kherson Region. Sandy soil with low humus content (1%) was watered with activated water for four years. The results were impressive. During the first two years the roses looked like a red flame. The neighbors used to ask me jealously, “What fertilizers do you apply?” In the third years the flowers began to lose their beauty and charm. In the fourth year only bare branches were sticking out of sand with solitary leaves here and there.

The author of these lines had the privilege to work with an outstanding Ukrainian scientist V.M. Ivchenko, an expert in the field of cavitation. The work was carried out under the guidance of G.V. Logvinovich, an Academician of the Hydrodynamics Institute, Academy of Science, Ukraine, who was the USSR leading specialist in the field of high-speed hydromechanics, namely, cavitational flows.

V.M. Ivchenko was just 32 years old when he defended his thesis for the Doctor of Science degree which was next to impossible at that time.

It would be interesting to remind that about 40 years ago this very talented scientist used cavitationally activated water for growing flowers and vegetables in the experimental farm hothouses in Krasnoyarsk. As a result, the cucumber yield increase amounted to 35-40% compared to the control!

Ivchenko’s genius (though he was not an agronomist) revealed itself in his advice to change the hothouse soil annually as it lost its fertility very quickly. As it turned out later, he was absolutely right.

So, it is up to you to choose: either to get a huge yield but to destroy the soil or…